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brooding, ambient, melancholic, apprehensive, cello, nyckelharpa, 

Zprava pro Akademii (A report to the Academy) (2018)

electronic, ambient, tense, atmospheric, synthesisers

All that is solid melts into air (2012)

Energetic, uplifting, chiptune, post-rock, electronic, climactic.

In Eldersfield, Chapter Two: Monument to Charlie Chaplin (2013)

melancholic, cinematic, violin, cello, guitar, orchestral, emotional, classical

On neni jako on (He is not himself) (2013)

Ambient, electro-acoustic, brooding, atmospheric, minimal, drifting

One million (2013)

Energetic, uplifting, guitars, rock, electronic, climactic.

Chocolate delight (2010)

Daft, disco, bass, beat-driven, guitar

I dreamt I was a hammer & everything was glass (2009)

Energetic, uplifting, guitars, post-rock, apocalyptic, climactic.

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