Please listen on headphones or good quality speakers, if you can; mobile phone, tablet & laptop speakers won’t tell you much.

Tracks marked * were composed by me; instruments marked † are played by me.

Multi-tracked viola, violin and ‘cello, mixed to give a full, lush, reverberative sound. Recorded as a coda to a lengthy rock song.

melancholic, drifting, orchestral, strings, emotional, symphonic, classical

viola, violin, ‘cello, synth

Indie game game ambience, setting a peaceful and suspenseful mood to intrigue the player.

ambient, synthesiser, electronic, video game, soundtrack, suspense, chiptune


Wonky, fun electronica, written as soundtrack to a hectic mobile phone commercial.

fun, goofy, electronic, synthesiser, silly, bouncy, energetic

synths, electronic drums, ukulele, glockenspiel

Classical strings, electric guitars and drums.

rock, aggressive, angry, noisy, driving, rhythmic, classical, intense

viola, violin, ‘cello, double bass, electric guitar, drums

Played live and recorded in one take – electric guitar played through a series of effects pedals.

ambient, electronic, synth, dreamlike, drifting, melancholic, suspenseful, chilled

electric guitar

Shifting, unpredictable harmony and wide intervals in melody and harmony keep the listener guessing.

dreamlike, sombre, melancholy, elegant, wistful, unexpected, tense, classical, melodic

VST piano, ‘cello

Written as soundtrack to 16mm film / art project about a cinema, bombed in WWII. Mixed to suit the restricted frequency range of optical sound.

strings, classical, emotive, melancholic, uplifting melodic, triumphant

viola, violin, ‘cello, synth

Improvised musical saw solo and accompaniment; recorded live from radio session.

songwriting, instrumentalist, improvised, radio, melancholy

musical saw

God save the Queen and All things bright and beautiful, mixed to sound as if being performed by aristrocratic amateurs. Written to accompany a tongue-in-cheek Victorian, imperialistc play.

strings, jaunty, silly, imperialist, nationalist, colonial, Victorian, amateur, melodic

viola, violin, ‘cello, double bass

A background atmosphere for a theatre production; real-world field recordings processed to sound more electronic and abstract. To be played so it’s barely audible to an audience.

abstract, atmosphere, wind, bitcrush, electronic, theatre, ambient, soundtrack

field recordings & effects

Improvised, contemplative acoustic guitar; recording live in one take.

wistful, flowing, contemplative, suspenseful

acoustic guitar

The full piece is an hour long, and moves between many permutations of four notes, across four instruments, mixed with field recordings and rehearsals sounds.

ambient, peaceful, wistful, melancholic, drifting, foreboding

electric guitar, piano, synth, ‘cello

Semi-improvised accompaniment to recorded Sellafield emergency alarm descriptions.

wistful, melancholy, apocalyptic, noisy, experimental, voiceover, electroacoustic

electric guitar, viola, violin, ‘cello

Written as soundtrack to 16mm film / art project about a cinema, bombed in WWII. Mixed to suit the restricted frequency range of optical sound.

strings, classical, emotive, melancholic, uplifting, violin, cello, viola, minimalism

viola, violin, ‘cello, synth

Improvised vocals (with nonsense sounds) and cello; intended to give an austere feeling, reminiscent of unaccompanied religious singing.

vocals, monks, religious, cello, sombre, singing, melancholy

vocals, fretted ‘cello

A nightmarish version of a coronation theme, to accompany an unwelcome royal procession.

coronation, nightmare, noise, regal

fretted cello, electronics

Cut-up vocals and rhythmic nyckelharpa, intended to combine modern electronic processing with traditional folk instrumentation. 

folk, glitch, beat, rhythm, electronic, folktronica

vocals, nyckelharpa, Cecilia

An unusual time signature and suspended harmony gives a slightly off-kilter feeling and a feeling of suspense. 

electronica, unsettling, beats, IDM, glitch, remix, suspense, tension

synths, electronic drums

Atmospheric, tense instrumental on classical strings and electric guitars.

tense, atmospheric, suspenseful, classical

viola, violin, ‘cello, double bass, electric guitar, drums

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